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The raw materials industry faces increasing pressure to reduce its impact on the environment and climate through more sustainable extraction, processing and resource use. Traditional practices contribute to issues like pollution from mines and facilities, high greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and resource depletion.

Deply for Raw Materials

However, through technological innovation, optimizing material yields, and supply chain collaboration, the raw materials industry is working to build an eco-conscious future.
At Deply, we’re arming stakeholders across the raw materials ecosystem – from miners to material processors to manufacturers – with the tools to “green” their operations. Our solutions help organizations:


extraction and processing technologies for higher resource efficiency


to renewable and lower-carbon energy sources where possible


material yields to minimize waste generation


the use of recycled and renewable materials


data insights and enable collaboration to reduce environmental footprints

By using technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain, Deply empowers more evidence-based decisions, material optimization and the transition to circular material flows.
Ultimately, we’re supporting the entire industry – from chemical companies to metal recyclers – as they reinvent their processes, maximize material efficiency and rethink resource use, enabling the fundamental transformation needed for a more sustainable supply of vital raw materials.