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The Personal Care & Beauty industry is facing criticism for its impact on the environment, with concerns about the use of harmful chemicals and packaging waste. Deply is helping to lead this charge by providing collaborative tools to guide all supply chain stakeholders towards reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

Deply for Personal care

Deply’s technology integrates blockchain to promote transparency and showcase sustainability efforts, which improves the trust and reputation of beauty brands. AI-powered tools can analyze the environmental impact of materials and production processes, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting more eco-friendly alternatives. This not only meets the demands of consumers who are increasingly seeking sustainable products but also reduces the industry’s carbon footprint.


their use of materials, prioritizing low-carbon and sustainable options


resources like water and energy through efficiency measures


modern prefabricated and off-site construction techniques


the use of recycled and renewable materials


to renewable energy sources where possible

By prioritizing sustainability, beauty companies can drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and promote positive social change. Deply’s platform helps brands monitor energy consumption and optimize production processes, reducing waste and ultimately improving the bottom line.  With the help of innovative technology and sustainability-focused initiatives, the Personal Care & Beauty industry can create a more sustainable and transparent future.