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The manufacturing industry is facing increased scrutiny for its environmental footprint, from the use of polluting materials and processes to the massive amount of waste generated. Deply is helping lead this charge by providing collaborative tools that guide all supply chain stakeholders towards reducing the industry’s environmental impact. From evaluating greener raw material sourcing to optimizing production processes to minimize material use, Deply’s solutions help manufacturers map out a pathway to a more sustainable future through transparency, data insights and collaboration across the supply chain.

Deply for Manufacturing

We support the whole manufacturing ecosystem in its transition towards a smart factory of the future – from component suppliers to finished goods makers – by enabling the innovation, process transformation and supply chain optimization needed for sustainable manufacturing practices to thrive.
Through deploying technologies like IoT solutions, machine learning for predictive maintenance and supply chain coordination through blockchain-enabled smart contracts, we empower manufacturers to:


Material selection and management through real-time data insights


Energy consumption through AI-powered optimization of production processes


Evidence-based sustainability decisions that minimize waste, toxins and emissions


Circular economy approaches enabled by end-to-end supply chain visibility

Deply is supporting the manufacturing industry’s evolution towards this vision of a Smart Factory through deploying the innovative technologies, collaborative platforms and optimization techniques that enable the full spectrum of opportunities emerging at the intersection of sustainability and Industry 4.0.