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The healthcare industry faces increasing pressures to reduce environmental impact and improve supply chain visibility, particularly around cold chain management. Traditional processes rely heavily on manual record keeping and data logging, resulting in limited end-to-end visibility of cold chain conditions across the supply chain. This leads to challenges like disputed product quality, wasted inventory due to questionable cold chain history and safety risks from defective items. It also reduces efficiency through overpacking, excessive stocking and unnecessary energy consumption.

Deply for Healthcare

However, through innovative solutions, strategic partnerships and supply chain transformation enabled by technologies like IoT and blockchain, the healthcare sector is progressing towards a more sustainable and secure future. At Deply, we’re arming stakeholders with tools to minimize their footprint and ensure trust in product quality. Our solutions help organizations:


Monitor environmental conditions and product parameters with IoT sensors

Immutably Record

Sensor data on a blockchain network for transparent, verifiable cold chain history


Circular economy approaches to reduce waste and chemicals


Alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded

By providing end-to-end visibility, traceability and immutability of cold chain data, we’re enabling the entire healthcare industry – from researchers to providers – to innovate, optimize and fundamentally transform their operations to become true stewards of both human and planetary health.