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The food and beverage industry faces increasing pressure to reduce its massive environmental footprint, from agricultural production through packaging and distribution. Issues include reliance on resource-intensive practices, high greenhouse gas emissions, massive amounts of waste and inefficient supply chains.

However, innovative technologies like Deply and sustainability initiatives are helping the industry transition toward a greener future.

Deply for Food & Beverage

Deply platform provides an immutable, verifiable record of a food or beverage product’s entire life cycle journey – from farm to table. By capturing critical data throughout the supply chain using technologies like IoT, AI and blockchain, the Digital Passport enables end-to-end transparency, traceability and insight into a product’s sustainability profile.
This allows supply chain stakeholders – from farmers to food processors to retailers – to minimize their environmental footprint by:


sourcing and production processes for lower waste, emissions and water use


yields and reducing chemical dependence through data insights


more sustainable packaging options


food loss through precise demand forecasting and logistics optimization

With Deply’s support, the food industry is exploring regenerative agricultural practices, adopting circular economy approaches, designing eco-conscious products and transforming logistics – ushering in a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient future.