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The cosmetics industry faces increasing scrutiny for its environmental footprint, from the ingredients used in products to the massive amount of plastic packaging waste generated. However, with innovative technologies and sustainability initiatives, the industry is progressing toward a more eco-conscious future.

Deply for Cosmetics

Deply is helping lead this shift by providing collaborative tools that guide all supply chain stakeholders – from cosmetic brands to ingredient suppliers to retailers – towards minimizing the industry’s environmental impact.

Our solutions help participants across the cosmetics value chain:


To more sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients


Formulations to reduce chemical dependency and toxicity


Alternative packaging materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable


Circular economy approaches to reuse and recycling


Transportation and logistics to decrease emissions

Through enabling transparency, data insights and collaboration, Deply’s tools are guiding the cosmetics industry towards sustainability goals like toxin-free products, zero-waste packaging and carbon-neutral operations.