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The automotive industry currently faces an imperative to reduce its environmental impact by minimizing vehicle emissions, waste generation and resource depletion. Traditional practices around vehicle design, manufacturing and logistics contribute to issues like high greenhouse gas emissions, material inefficiency, and pollution across global supply chains.

Deply for Automotive

At Deply, we’re empowering stakeholders across the automotive ecosystem – from automakers to parts suppliers to dealerships – with the tools to “green” their operations. Our solutions help organizations:


vehicle design, prioritizing electric and other low-emissions options


manufacturing processes for decreased energy use, waste and material consumption


to sustainable materials that are lightweight, reusable and recyclable


data insights and enable collaboration to identify areas for sustainability gains

By using technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain, Deply enables evidence-based decisions, material and resource efficiency, and a transition to more circular business models.
Ultimately, we’re supporting the entire automotive industry – from engineers to logistics providers – as they innovate, improve material yields, and optimize transport networks, enabling the fundamental transformation required for a sustainable future of mobility.