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Riccardo Pavon
Riccardo PavonCantina Massini
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I am really bad with technology, but with the support of the Deply team, we made all the labels in a few days. Fantastic service!

Create your first digital label
in 3 simple steps ->

Create your first digital label
in 3 simple steps ↓

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A real certificate of quality

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Digital Product Passport

Themes like the origin and source of raw materials, production ethics, and environmental sustainability impact consumers' purchasing decisions. Deply was created to facilitate collaboration between brands and suppliers in sharing data, certificates, and production steps to create a real product identity card, accessible to customers interested in learning about the quality and values of the brand.

Increase your customers' trust, retain them, and boost your sales.

When the product batch is ready for distribution, Deply automatically generates a digital label in QR Code format to print on the packaging, sharing more information about the product such as origin, quality, and sustainability with consumers.

Track your consumers' preferences and trends in real-time.

Each time a consumer scans the Digital Product Passport generated by Deply, you will have access to an analytics dashboard with metrics and monthly reports on consumption trends, market trends, demographics, age, and interests of your users.

Blockchain E-abel

Ensures product authenticity and keeps you safe from counterfeiting.

NFC Technology

Allows easy verification with a simple touch of your smartphone.

Complete Traceability

Ensure maximum transparency for your customers.

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