Simplify your supply chain and build consumer trust with Deply digital lables

Deply helps consumer goods companies growing their revenue in a sustainable and environment-friendly way by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Traceability  Automation  Visibility  Sustainability 

of your supply chain in one single platform

Connect your Supply Chain


Product Traceability and Supplier Coordination

Deply enables producers and suppliers to share the product’s journey through the supply chain, leading to reduce operational time and cost, automate processes and reduce waste, mistakes and counterfeit.

Digital Product Passport

When the product is ready to be distributed, Deply automatically generates an E-lable to stamp on the packaging. This boosts brand visibility and consumer engagement through trusted information and a compelling product journey story.

Deply Analytics: Keep track of your consumer preferences and trends in real-time.

Every time users scan the Digital Product Passport generated by Deply platform, you get access to valuable data about consumer trends, behavior and preferences. Attract more interest in your product by disclosing traceability and sustainability metrics.

Secure labels thanks to blockchain technology

Each label’s information is stored on the blockchain for increased security and traceability

Improve Sustainability & Promote Circular Economy

Display end-to-end traceability of your sustainable practices like waste recycling and energy consumption optimization.

Deply provides a company matching tool to promote cross-industrial circular economy and showcase your efforts in reducing your company carbon footprint.g

Benefits for Brands and Suppliers

Deply’s blockchain-powered software connects businesses and customers across the world to streamline and optimize supply chain management.

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